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February 15, 2022

When considering LED lighting installation projects with your customers, the topic of dimming will come up—and if it does not, it should!

Dimmed lighting is no longer just for movie theaters, romantic dining, hospitality and cozy residential environments. There are plenty of great reasons why dimming makes sense for many commercial and industrial lighting retrofits and upgrades.

For example, many spaces require lighting controls beyond just “on/off”:

-- Conference rooms: Zonal lighting controls in office spaces may dim ambient lighting for projected images but also allow for increased illuminance in the audience to view printed documents or aid in writing.

-- Classrooms: Controls allow teachers to effectively project images, control or alter the mood (i.e.: daycare nap times) or otherwise control school lighting for various activities.

-- Energy Codes: Many interior and exterior spaces have various mandates for lighting controls due to IECC and ASHRAE codes adopted by states and local jurisdictions. These codes stipulate parameters for Lighting Power Densities (LPD), occupancy or lack thereof, daylight harvesting, scheduling, safety and energy conservation.
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