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Foot Candles Recommended for Manufacturing / Factory Facilities

April 16, 2019

In areas where work is carried out by machines, the lighting must be bright enough to guarantee the safety of the employees. The only areas that don‘t need many foot candles are storage areas where machines and machine in-feeds are kept (5-10 foot candles are enough). However, areas with machines for printing and machines that process sheet metal need between 50-100 foot candles. 

In industrial and manufacturing plants where large items are produced or assembled, 30 foot candles are sufficient. But in areas where fine products and materials are manufactured, 100 foot candles are needed. 

These four questions can help you to assess whether the lighting in a machining facility is adequate. 
1.       Are there shadows cast on the machines that may endanger the safety of the employees?
2.       Do employees experience visual strain when the lights are on?
3.       Are all machine parts visible to the workers?
4.       Can the lights operate for long periods without losing their brightness?

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