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Introduction to DLC 5.1

December 18, 2020

Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Technical Requirements Version 5.1 is the second of two revisions (V5.0 and V5.1) designed to improve the quality and controllability of high performance, energy efficient commercial lighting products by establishing requirements and reporting standards for DLC listed products.

V5.0 of the Solid-State Technical Requirements laid the groundwork around efficacy and controllability, and V5.1 continues to capture advances in lighting quality characteristics such as color performance, discomfort glare, and light distribution; and increases the controls functionality of installed energy efficient technology so that maximum energy savings and user benefits are realized.

Quality of light encompasses the characteristics of lighting that impact productivity, performance, comfort, mood, safety, health, wellbeing, and more. V5.1 includes new requirements for spectral quality and light distribution that will improve the quality of light of DLC listed products. The V5.1 lighting controllability requirements support additional energy savings while promoting better quality of light for people living and working in the built environment. V5’s phased approach to incorporating quality of light metrics on the QPL will ensure that high-quality products are listed, superior performing products can be differentiated, and additional energy savings are realized.
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