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April 12, 2022

You still have time to review your commonly used fixtures to ensure they will continue to be DLC listed (or updated to make the list).

Because DLC listing is so important to qualifying for the best rebates, most manufacturers will be making the effort, but may be taking advantage of the eased DLC timelines due to supply chain issues. You should confirm their plans or identify a DLC listed replacement soon.

Beyond the benefits in energy efficiency, there are other pluses to specifying DLC listed fixtures.

-- Product Quality. DLC approved products have been tested and verified. They meet the highest industry standards for quality and efficiency. That will give the customer peace of mind about having these LED lighting fixtures in their facility.

-- Better Lighting Quality. DLC listed products meet specifications for color rendering, light distribution and glare. These all result in a better user experience. In fact, the right lighting can even contribute to employee safety, productivity and end-product quality.

-- Energy efficiency. DLC certified LED lighting fixtures offer higher lumens per watt (LPW). The higher the LPW, the more energy is converted into actual output. Customers will like hearing they are getting the most lighting bang for their energy buck.

-- Product Value. A customer may ask why they should choose a more expensive DLC rated product over a cheaper product. It’s usually not difficult to get them to understand that a cheaper light won’t be eligible for top rebates, it may not last as long, it could require more maintenance, and it may not deliver an optimal user experience.
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